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In 2010, I started using a computer. In 2012, I started editing videos with Camtasia Studio. In 2015, I was introduced to software and started developing small projects. At that time I was more interested in cyber security.

Then I realized that it was more interesting for me to develop programs, make games and take part in projects. During this period, I had small game projects that failed but gave me a lot. But I never stopped improving myself.

"I keep improving." 🧠 🔭

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My personal journey

High School

Izmir - Şemikler Anadolu Lisesi
2019 - 2024

Junior Application Developer

Global - Fiverr
04/2023 - Present

Website Developer

Global - Fiverr
05/2021 - Present

Video Editor

Global - Fiverr
05/2020 - Present


Extra courses I have undertaken

Etik Hacker Olma Kursu

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Web Programming 101

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Temel Bilgisayar ve İnternet Kullanımı

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Finalist - Katılım Belgesi

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Most recent work
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Message from your vehicle

I built a security system that activates as soon as the driver gets out of the vehicle. In this system, which we made using Ardunio UNO and ESP32, we get 5 different and 5 different sensors from 4 different sensors. We process the Temperature, Humidity, Air Quality, Fire and Smoke data on the Ardunio UNO card and transmit it to ESP32. ESP32 transmits this information to security forces if it exceeds the required threshold value.

GitHub repository
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Keyboard AI

We need 1 camera for our project to work. The camera starts to work and then the keyboard opens and we can type with our hands by making hand gestures towards the camera. In this way, we can get rid of the trouble of carrying a keyboard and at the same time we can write faster with the advancement of this technology.

GitHub repository